Thursday, 15 September 2016

Unidentical Twins

Unidentical twins
Our two naughty kids.
Recession and boom.
Recession leading to boom. 
Boom spoiling us for recession.
We end up pampering boom.
We are always enraged with recession.
We need a face off with both.
Lets look into the eyes of recession.
Lets keep our gaze down in boom.
Why do we blame recession?
Why do we overindulge boom?
If not for our affordability in recession,
We cant be armed and well equipped for boom.
Then why is boom so arrogant and recssion a leveller?
Recession is a speed breaker.
Whereas boom is in an attractive guise but actually a car breaker.
Lets walk hand in hand aiding each other in boom.
Lets uplift each other in the unexciting recession.
Lets drive carefully through the storm of recession.
Cause the path leads to the much awaited boom.
Let boom learn some humility from recession.
Let recession borrow some much needed self worth and pride from boom.
Recession and boom.
Two naughty kids.
Leading to each other.
Lets own our unidentical twins.

Tandav in Tandem

Tandav in tandem
Is our life becoming an unending rhethoric?
Do we procreate balance in our sanity and demolish unstability?
Why is our precious peace so pricey?
Do we need to clear some cobwebs in our mind?
Is our life a misty mirage?
Are the optical illusions making us delusional?
How long does our status quo survive?
Are we in the process of a transformation?
Why cant we be in siesta mode when the tornado strikes?
Why cant we wait for the storm to recede?
What actually defines our identity?
Are we victims of identity crisis?
Arent we tired of enacting multiple roles?
Born a girl.
Metamorphosing into a woman.
Faced with strings of encumbrances.
To be an adept, competent, cracker jack of an entrepreneur.
Treading with caution the precarious and complicated but extremely soul wrenching world of motherhood.
Trying to be an amalgation of a partner, friend and companion to be a desirable spouse.
Be harmlessly gossipy yet non judgemental coffee mate.
Securing the bonds of the blood.
Playing matured confidante to our little brother.
Taking timely whacks frm the elder clans.
Multiple chains attached to our waists.
Dancing to the loudest music of the lot.
Lets swirl to this tandav in tandem.
By Purvi K

Friday, 2 September 2016

Liberating 40's

Liberating 40s
From walking a thin line between forgetfullness and amnesia,
From sneaking to our toilet to shave our chins,
To accepting our stubborn bulge....
Lets embrace our 40s

From skipping small fonted messages on our phones,
To getting hooked to the zooming lens.
From wearing thin framed sexy glares,
To wearing bifocals with aplomb.
Lets embrace our 40s
From faking a migraine heachache,
To proclaiming a big NO.
From mimicking an orgasm,
To finding comfort in bluntly denying carnal gratification.
Lets embrace our 40s
From being emotionally violent,
To taking a halt for an emotional menopause.
From verbal diarrhoea,
To switiching to being mute to make a point.
Lets embrace our 40s
From being loyal to tele serial, "friends",
To not being ready to accept "game of thorns".
From prudently still choosing to see reruns of "desperate housewives" over "the madam secretary"
Lets embrace our 40s
From staring at our grey strands,
To accepting salt/pepper look with some panache
From wearing undersized apparels,
To settling for oversized attires
Lets embrace our 40s
From forever getting attracted to the four earthy tones,
To finally going for bright, chrome colors.
Being known as an avid olive green lover,
To being associated with the purple clan.
Lets embrace our 40s
From always being accustomed to adding inches to heels
To now being confined to adding inches to bed height and potty seat height.
From getting used to the perennial spondylolysthasis
To being graduated to spine arthritis.
Lets embrace our 40s
From being embarrassed about lack of self presentation,
To wearing a bad hair day crown with confidence
From being anal and meticulous about any professional task,
To coolly skipping important to do list.
Lets embrace our 40s
From camouflaging a solitary acne on our face,
To being fascinated with our own creases and wrinkles.
From our grey strands reminding of our child's issues,
To creases reminding of our lives crisis
Lets embrace our life story
Lets gracefully embrace our 40s.
By Purvi K

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

selective optimism

Selective optimism
How I wish optimism was given a fair chance.
Well! Blame it on we getting used to the deadly pessimism.
How I wish people actually walked their talk.
Well! Blame it on their talk being unwalkable.
How I wish we were not robotic in our existence.
Well! Blame it on the punctual pause wherein we time our breaths too.
How I wish we were not shackled by our schedules.
Well! Blame it on our need to confirm.
How I wish we would devour our transition for just a moment more.
Well! Blame it on it being an empty, lonely spot.
How I wish we could take solace in our quilt.
Well! Blame it on our overwhelming emotion of guilt.
How I wish our hunger was satiated by synonyms.
Well! Blame it on the glorified attraction of antonyms.
How I wish we were not emotional parasites.
Well! Blame it on we finding our solitary rendevouz restless.
How I wish we dont massacre our privilege to follow our heart.
Well! Blame it on the rationalization of our mind.
How I wish we would get lured by the eternal dance.
Well! Blame it on the serendipitous encounters of our life.
How I wish we were not selective in our optimism.
Well! Blame it on the obvious omnipresence of pessimism.
By Purvi K

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Orgy of emotions

Are we apprehensive about parading our emotions in order to create a perfect facade?
Are we engulfed with different emotions so much that we can no longer identify our raw self?
Do we spend half of our life creating a masquerade and other half unclothing it to reach the innermost depth of our soul?
Internal conflicts of our mind and heart.
Which act to be showcased?
Which feeling needs to be hidden?
The eternal parody of our emotions
Each emotion fighting amongst each other to be on the exterior layer of our veneer.
Happiness getting attacked by sadness
Contentment threathened by jealousy
Peace constantly being challenged by insecurity
Manipulation trying to win over innocence
Hatred overthrowing love
Lust seducing our desires
Ego snatching pride from self worth
Lets end this catwalking of the parody of our emotions and be connected with our raw, naked soul for once...
By Purvi. K
Sole of my Soul

Finding its way through the puzzle called life.
Running naked on the barren field
Carrying the burden of our emotional baggage......
Has it lost its sheen?
How tired must be the sole of our soul?
The guilty indulgences of our hearts
The constant aggressive outburst of our brain
Taking a breather only in our transitory spot
In an otherwise active run of life
How fatigued must be the sole of our soul?
Always needing to choose between black and white
Shamelessly getting tempted to go for grey
Taking big, strident steps
With no steady risers
Finding no place to rest on landings
Sprinting towards the unattainable...
How tired must be the sole of our soul?
Making merry at all the unforgettable ups
Grieving at all the unforgivable downs
Trying to overcome fears
Fighting the nasty insecurities
Searching for that eternal calm,
Rampaging through outer chaos
To finally settle for a quiet, serene inner peace...
How fatigued must be the sole of our soul?
By Purvi. K

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Oscillating Contradictions

Oscillating Contradictions

Why are pseudo high-brows obsessed with metaphors when similes are easier to decipher?
How important is applause from a world full of people with immense self-doubt?
Why is there an inner turmoil to become like Howard Roark while somewhere we end up a bit like Peter Keating?
Finally we decide to blame it on Ayn Rynd for making us feel guilty of being dual.
Is ethnic indianisation giving jitters to oh so modern and sauve, globalization?
Is the past like one's wide backside which perpetually becomes other's frontal problem if they decide to delve deep into it?
But remember they are behind the back.......
Is getting wrapped in a time zone ruining our much needed comfort zone?
Why does the darkness invite nocturnal dreams whereas dawn lets us welcome reality?
Do we oscillate between contradicting views to please people?
For once why can't we be comfortable in being self pleasers?
Blog by Purvi K.

Being Pointless.....

Being pointless.........

Am I being pointless 
when i feel that writing is as therapuetic as talking to a therapist? Finally we all want to be heard however nonsensical we sound.
Am I being pointless
When I feel that my purpose of being is as nameless as a dateless page of an adventure called "life"?
Am i being pointless
When I stress about having a strong spine being important when am born with a twisted spine? How mean is being spineless in a world thriving on being boneless to the core?
Am I being pointless
When I cringe about gender bias becoming primitive in our thought process and the nation still believing in compartmentalizing people?
Am I being pointless
When I start to wear my twilight zone mantle a bit too sharply and start looking at the sinister nite in the eye?
Am I being pointless
When I descend from my throne of a drama queen with elan and poise and realize harshly that being mute makes a greater point than getting your point across?
Am I being pointless
When drama ceases to excite me, when quiet conversations with self soothes me and when getting my point across is pointless
Blog by Purvi K.